NOVUS Monitor Arms

Create More Space with these ergonomic monitor arms from Novus. They allow you to maximize available space more effectively, and create a work environment that is free of cables and clutter.


The Novus MY system makes it easy to adjust your workspace so that it’s ergonomically correct for your physical needs. You can easily change the tilt/turn angle, height, and distance of your viewing devices.

  • Perfect for single or dual monitor use
  • Easy to add a tablet to your workflow
  • Maximum weight capacity of up to 13 lbs.
  • Six surface mounting options available


Novus CLU Monitor Arms offer superior comfort with the ability to move into any viewing position. They feature smooth gas spring movement for ergonomic adjustments, quick installation, and neatly tuck behind the monitor for a clean look.

  • Enhances comfort and ergonomics with custom-fit positioning
  • Maximizes space by elevating monitors off the work surface
  • Smooth joint movement for easy position adjustments
  • Stabilus Gas Springs lift monitors effortlessly


The Novus TSS support arms provide unlimited options for customizing monitor configurations. Whether in the office or control center, TSS provides secure, flexible solutions for any workstation.

  • Perfect for multiple monitors or control rooms
  • Highly customizable for any workplace
  • Four channel columns for greater versatility
  • Ten surface mounting options available


LiftTEC monitor arms feature gas-spring technology to provide easy adjustment of viewing height and angle. These arms are great for collaborative workspaces and offer a clean, modern look.

  • Gas Spring Technology allows for easy adjustment of monitor
  • Perfect for collaborative workspaces
  • Six surface mount options available