Novus LiftTEC Monitor Arms

Novus LiftTEC® Monitor Arms

A comfortable viewing position is essential for preventing eye and neck strain. Novus’ LiftTEC® Monitor Arms feature Gas-Spring Technology that makes it easy to raise and lower your monitor for guaranteed comfort, and to ensure that perfect ergonomic fit. The entire arm can even be rotated 360° to easily sharing your view with others.

Each LiftTEC® monitor arm is available with a variety of surface mounting options and equipped with a QuickRelease mount. Cable routing clips are included to maintain a neat, organized appearance.

LiftTEC® Arm I

The LiftTEC® Arm I features a gas spring for easily adjusting the height, angle and distance of a single monitor for a personalized fit.

LiftTEC® Arm II

The LiftTEC® Arm II features a gas spring for easily adjusting the height of your monitor which can also be extended up to 20″.

LiftTEC® Arm III

The LiftTEC® Arm III is a two-part, die case aluminum monitor arm with a range of 20.28″ and a maximum height of 12″ above the desk surface.

LiftTEC® Arm I Dual

The LiftTEC® Arm I Dual supports two monitors weighing up to 15 lbs each, either side-by-side or above one another.

Novus Comfort Duo

The Comfort Duo provides freedom of movement and positioning for two individual monitors, each weighing up to 17.5 lbs.