NOVUS MY Monitor Arms


More Space
Available workspace is at a premium in today’s work environment. With business conducted on multiple monitors, tablets, and smart phones, it can be difficult to keep things organized and stay productive. The MY system of monitor arms, tablet holders, and accessories provides a creative solution for elevating and positioning your viewing devices to keep your personal workspace functioning in harmony.

The Novus MY system makes it easy to adjust your workspace so that it’s ergonomically correct for your physical needs. You can easily change the tilt/ turn angle, height, and distance of your viewing devices to fit your personal preference. With immense flexibility, a MY set will greatly reduce physical distress and improve your overall comfort.

Increased Productivity
There’s no need to continually pick up and put down your tablet throughout the workday. By adding a MY tablet holder to your set, you can streamline your workflow and view all of your devices seamlessly. Need to collaborate or use dual monitors? Add a Novus MY arm to expand your possibilities. With MY, each set can easily be configured to accommodate your unique work style.

MY sets

The MY system from Novus offers a creative solution for elevating and positioning viewing devices to keep your workspace less cluttered and more functional.

Tablet Holders

Easily add a tablet to your workflow. Novus tablet holders are spring loaded, can be placed in either portrait or landscape mode, and are highly adjustable.

NOVUS My Accessories

MY Accessories

Easily add greater functionality to your NOVUS MY set by incorporating an additional arm, quick release mount, or keyboard holder.