NOVUS MY Monitor Arm Sets


NOVUS MY sets offer a convenient way to lift viewing devices off your workspace and adjust for ergonomic comfort. MY monitor mounts and arms deliver a clean look, improved viewing comfort, and versatility to accommodate single desk set ups or shared, multi-user workstations.

Each NOVUS MY column is constructed with strong anodized aluminum for stability. Six surface mount options are available to accommodate a variety of work surfaces and configurations. Cable routing clips are provided and ensure a clean, organized appearance.

MY one

Keep your workspace less cluttered and more functional by elevating a single monitor to your personal preference.

MY one plus

Easily adjust the depth and angle of your monitor to increase viewing comfort while keeping your workspace less cluttered and more functional.

MY twin fix

Perfect for shared spaces, the NOVUS MY twin fix includes everything you need to place two monitors on opposing sides.

MY twin arm

Perfect for dual monitors, this set allows you to quickly and easily elevate and rotate two devices with ease.