NOVUS MY one plus

NOVUS MY one plus monitor arm

The perfect choice for easily adjusting the viewing angle and distance to your monitor. Set includes a multi-joint extension arm with mount, and the MY base of your choice. Available in silver and white.

  • VESA standard: 75/100
  • Adjustability: height, tilt/turn angle, distance
  • Weight capacity: 1 monitor up to 11 pounds
  • Vertical Height: 13.75″
  • Range: MY arm 16.34″
  • Strong anodized aluminum construction
  • German engineered for quality and longevity
  • Six surface mounting options available
  • Can be combined with other More Space products for additional versatility

NOVUS MY one plus

NOVUS MY one plusProper screen position is vital to ergonomic comfort. The Novus MY system of monitor mounts and tablet holders offers a creative solution. The MY one plus allows you to easily elevate and position devices to keep your workspace less cluttered, more functional, and more comfortable.

The NOVUS MY one plus includes a single column and an articulating arm with a monitor mount. Easily adjust for height up to 13.75″, up to 16” of arm range, and monitor tilt/turn angle for a perfect ergonomic fit.

The MY column is constructed with strong anodized aluminum for stability. The MY one plus is available in silver or white. Six surface mount options accommodate a variety of work surfaces and configurations. Cable routing clips are provided and ensure an organized appearance.


Silver White Base Option Range
910+2019+000 910+2011+000 System Clamp 1 16.34″
910+2059+000 910+2051+000 Grommet 16.34″
910+2049+000 910+2041+000 Drilling Screw 16.34″
910+2069+000 910+2061+000 System Rail 16.34″
910+2079+000 910+2071+000 SlatWall 16.34″
910+2089+000 910+2081+000 Wall Rail 16.34″

Base Options

NOVUS MY System Clamp Base System Clamp- For mounting on the edge of a flat surface.
Silver: Item # 910+2019+000
White: Item # 910+2011+000
List Price: $269



NOVUS MY Cable Port BaseGrommet- For mounting through a cable port opening on a desk or flat surface.
Silver: Item # 910+2059+000
White: Item # 910+2051+000
List Price: $269



Novus MY Drilling Screw BaseDrilling Screw- For mounting through a small opening on a desk or flat surface.
Silver: Item # 910+2049+000
White: Item # 910+2041+000
List Price: $269



NOVUS MY System Rail BaseSystem Rail- For mounting on an integrated system rail.
Silver: Item # 910+2069+000
White: Item # 910+2061+000
List Price: $269



NOVUS MY SlatWall BaseSlatWall: For mounting on a Novus Slatwall.
Silver: Item # 910+2079+000
White: Item # 910+2071+000
List Price:



NOVUS MY Wall Rail BaseWall Rail- For mounting on a wall or vertical surface.
Silver: Item # 910+2089+000
White: Item # 910+2081+000


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