More Space System- Proven Applications

Create More Space with these ergonomic monitor arms from Novus. They allow you to maximize available space more effectively, and create a work environment that is free of cables and clutter.


Space-saving designs lift viewing devices off the desktop to enhance viewing comfort and improve productivity. [learn more]


Hospitals, clinics, and admin offices benefit from the adjustability and space-saving design of More Space. [learn more]

Control Rooms

Eyes on everything. Solutions for multiple monitors in control rooms, terminals, correctional facilities, and more. [learn more]


Monitoring busy airways is critical and why Novus More Space can be found in air traffic control centers worldwide. [learn more]


Create efficient spaces from engineering design desks to production floor work stations with Novus More Space. [learn more]

Point Of Sale

Novus Retail System components are stylish and strong, and easy to configure for your Point of Sale terminals. [learn more]

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