Proven Applications- Control Rooms

Proven Applications- control rooms

Control rooms are critical in industries where surveillance is vital for security and safety. Utilities, transportation, corrections, manufacturing, and the military are just a few environments where constant monitoring of facilities or traffic requires a complex system of view screens. The Novus More Space system of monitor arms and mounts provides versatile, strong, and highly customizable solutions for any control room configuration – large or small.

More Space systems’ modular TSS line has been used in control room designs worldwide. The flexibility and versatility of the TSS line is unsurpassed. For smaller spaces where two, three, or four monitors are required, TSS has complete sets which are easy to install and adjust. For larger projects, TSS components can be customized into any configuration to incorporate into existing spaces or new designs. TSS is also expandable – add additional components as needed.

German engineered, TSS has been specifically designed for a wide range of adjustments and manufactured for durability and reliability. TSS allows for view screen tilt/turn angle to reduce glare and provide a comfortable viewing angle so nothing is missed. Strong anodized aluminum construction gives TSS arms the ability to hold view screens weighing up to 35 pounds.

Create secure, versatile, intelligent spaces with More Space.

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Custom Options Available

Novus More Space System is completely customizable for any application. For assistance in providing a solution for your needs, please contact us at (800) 995-1379 or send us an email.

Proven Applications- Control Rooms