Proven Applications- Healthcare

Proven Applications- healthcare

Novus More Space systems’ space-saving designs are ideal for healthcare environments. Exam rooms, nurses stations, operating rooms, clinics, and administrative offices benefit from easy access to vital patient records. More Space lifts monitors, keyboards, laptops, and tablets off surfaces, keeping technology within easy reach yet out of the way in busy environments.

More Space TSS and LiftTEC monitor arms, mounts, and accessories provide the most versatility and options for healthcare. TSS arms are folding – they can be moved out of the way and secured when not in use – perfect for busy, multi-user areas. LiftTEC arms move smoothly for positioning and rotation – ideal for sharing information with colleagues and patients. More Space can be combined and customized to make the most of existing spaces or incorporated into new designs to suit any healthcare environment. Plus, TSS and LiftTEC are expandable – add monitor arms or accessories as needed as technology changes.

Safety is always an important consideration in a healthcare environment. More Space is strong and stands up beautifully to frequent movements and multiple users. Fully adjustable, monitors and components can be adjusted for height, reach, and angle for optimum viewing and comfortable use.

Create convenient, space-saving, intelligent spaces with More Space.

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Custom Options Available

Novus More Space System is completely customizable for any application. For assistance in providing a solution for your needs, please contact us at (800) 995-1379 or send us an email.

Proven Applications- Healthcare