Proven Applications- Manufacturing

Proven Applications- manufacturing

In this age of lean manufacturing, on-time production requires an uninterrupted flow of information from logistics to the plant floor to distribution. Workstations must be optimized for efficient workflow and high efficiency. As part of these lean designs, view screens and other technology must be accessible, versatile, and adjustable for ergonomic comfort. The More Space system from Novus offers space-saving solutions for lifting technology out of the way and off of work surfaces.

The Novus More Space system of monitor arms, mounts, columns and accessories is strong, durable, highly versatile, and easy to customize for any space. Lift view screens, laptops, tablets, and keyboards off valuable work surfaces so everything is within reach yet out of the way – ideal for multi-user, busy environments. More Space components are also easy to adjust to for ergonomic considerations and worker comfort.

More Space can be configured to any environment and incorporated into any design. As processes change, More Space can evolve in tandem – adding components and reconfiguring existing set-ups is easy. Options include ceiling suspension, wall mount, rail systems, and 4-slotted columns to hold multiple monitor arms and accessory supports. The combinations are almost infinite.

Create efficient, productive, intelligent spaces with Novus More Space.

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Custom Options Available

Novus More Space System is completely customizable for any application. For assistance in providing a solution for your needs, please contact us at (800) 995-1379 or send us an email.

Proven Applications- Manufacturing