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Proven Applications- office work spaces

Today’s office spaces are as diverse as the employees and businesses they serve. Whether they are cubicles,  private offices, or coworking spaces – these areas all need to be flexible to accommodate the technology that keeps us productive and creative. The Novus More Space system elevates technology to increase work space, improve workflow, and provide ergonomic viewing comfort.

Novus More Space systems’ space-saving monitor arms, mounts, and accessories can be tailored to suit any existing space or incorporated into new office designs. More Space complete sets make it easy to quickly set up a more efficient work space for any environment. Or, customize spaces with the unique capabilities of each line – MY, TSS, and LiftTEC – for a variety of spaces and requirements. Plus, More Space is designed to easily add or change components as the needs of the work space evolves.

In all work spaces, ergonomic comfort is critical for health and well-being. Novus More Space products are easy to adjust to the individual user’s preferred position for a custom ergonomic fit. Change the height, range, and screen angle to enhance viewing comfort and prevent eye and neck strain.

Create ergonomic, flexible, intelligent spaces with More Space.

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Novus More Space System is completely customizable for any application. For assistance in providing a solution for your needs, please contact us at (800) 995-1379 or send us an email.

More Space Proven Applications- Custom Office