Proven Applications- Point Of Sale

Proven Applications- point of sale

There are many point of sale hardware options for retailers to choose from – including bundles that include a display, scanner, and printer. But standard stand-alone POS components are bulky, take up space, and create a cumbersome experience for the customer. And when technology changes, entire systems need to be replaced. RetailSystem from Novus offers an innovative, modular solution that lifts all POS hardware elements off the counter and displays them beautifully.

RetailSystem uses a center column with interchangeable technology support arms and plates to create unique, customized cashier stations. Jointed arms can be positioned so  technology is at the perfect viewing angle and easily accessible. Plates support a broad range of pin pads, keyboards, and scanners. And as technology changes, simply add or change arms and accessories as needed – no need to replace the entire set-up.

Constructed of strong anodized aluminum, RetailSystem components stand up to heavy use. Available in sleek black or sophisticated silver, RetailSystem enhances the interior design of any retail space.

New for 2016 is the RetailSystem line of secure iPad and Android tablet holders and mounts. Tablets are useful tools for shoppers to find product information, place orders, or watch demonstration videos and advertisements. RetailSystems’ line of stands and mounts provide a way to make the most of tablet displays with the peace of mind your technology is safe from theft.

Create functional, stylish, intelligent spaces with More Space.

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Custom Options Available

Novus More Space System is completely customizable for any application. For assistance in providing a solution for your needs, please contact us at (800) 995-1379 or send us an email.

Proven Applications- Point Of Sale