Novus Professional Staplers

Novus Professional Staplers

Since 1949, the Novus name has been synonymous with quality and innovation. From high performance Executive Staplers, to our commercial grade Heavy Duty Series, Novus designs innovative staplers that take the industry by storm. We offer a complete range of sizes that exceed even the most serious demands for quality and innovation.

Engineered and developed in Germany, Novus products are factory tested before release to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In purchasing a Novus product, you will have the peace of mind knowing this precision item will provide many years trouble-free operation.

ExecutiveNovus B4 Executive Stapler - Black

Flat ClinchNovus B4FC Flat Clinch Stapler - Black

Power-On-DemandNovus B4FC Flat Clinch Stapler - Black

Long ArmNovus B4FC Flat Clinch Stapler - Black

Heavy DutyNovus B52 Heavy Duty Stapler

Premium StaplesNovus B4FC Flat Clinch Stapler - Black